söndag 8 maj 2011

Here we go again..

Finally, the fishing season is here. To be honest I was out cheating with my friend Marc Fauvet two weeks ago but, after yesterday´s fantastic day on Lungsjöån in Dalarna I must say ... now it has started. I feel it in every part of my body, I wan´t more!
It started good, I actually got quite surprised as it seems like I have learned to listen to myself, so I actually sat down and just watched the spot were I was planning to start. A nice cup of tea and a Honey berry cigarr. Right away I saw some fish rise, I guessed they were taking some stuff in the surface but I couldn´t resit to put on a Coachman anyway. So I did, and after maybe 3 cast i got this years first fish on the dry, and a true classic it was.
After a while it got tougher to get them to take the dry flies so I took the oppurtunity to try out the Baetis Nymph I put together for "Lungsöån box" the nymph really worked, it did it´s job just under the surface as I wanted and got me 3 nice trouts, then to really make it a Niklas Dahlin fly... I placed in a nice tree, offcourse to high for me to reach.
After loosing the nymph I started to fish the Blackbird Spider, another fly from the "Lungsjöån box", this one also worked, this fly stayed in the surface. This gave me on more trout and lots of lost ones.
I will post some pics of the fishes later, my friend took the photos and I havn´t got any copies yet. If you are interested in trying tho "Lungsjöån box" of flies contact Jonas at jonashagborg@hotmail.com.