söndag 26 augusti 2012

Spider Mode

With an upcoming fishing trip to Idsjöströmmen, Jämtland just two weeks from now it´s time to start to tie some flies for it. Last year around the same time I had nice sihing with a fly that now taken a certain place in my box, the Steel Blue Quill, today I made 12 of these buggers in an more olive tone than usuall. With that new Polish Quill dyed quill I thought it need a new name so welcome to my box, Gim River Spider. Gim River is the water from where it evolved.
Gim River Spider
My friend Jonas Hagborg from Dalarna told me this summer (with a smile) when we meet "a small white spider would make a revolution within flyfishing". I used White Pearsalls silk thread and the lower part of a feather from a white hen, the lower part of the feather because I thought it felt slightly softer than the upper part. Jonas, a few samples will soon be on it´s way..

White Midge Spider

Finally a fly that I have read about loads of thime but never tied or tried on my leader. The Tups Indespenible, got some dubbing from a dear friend an a hell of a flytyer, Mr Geoff Littler (thanks Tuppsy) I tied it like a Spider as I was in a Spider Mode..

Tups Spider

It was a long time ago I tied this many flies in one day :-) I actually made over 50 flies.. Well they will be needed at upcoming demos and for fishing..

Back to the vise..