tisdag 4 augusti 2009

Quill Spiders

This weekend I played with my favourite material, Quill. The quill i´m refering to is in this case the quills that you get from stripping the fibers of rooster neck feathers. I got the idea to the first one from my favourite fly, the Red quill originated by Catskill tyer Art Flick. A pattern from the 1930´s if I not remember wrong. Another favourite material is the feathers from the Partridge skin, really love those "spotty" feathers. And finally a real "oldie" when comes to material for flytying, Peacock herl. A material usen on fishcatchers for centuries.
So a fly containg all of my favourite materials, this must be the fly that will make my dreams come true. Like many before...

Red Quill & Peacock

Light Quill & Peacock
A killing duo

4 kommentarer:

  1. Wow Niklas! Those spiders are simply stunning... and beautifully photographed.
    You are taking the execution of quill bodies to a new level.
    The light quill and peacock is a favourite.

    Really good to see you have a blog... looking forward to following your tying adventures.


  2. Thank´s Andy. Will try to write as much as I can.


  3. So neatly tied... I like the way you used peacock herl in these flies, both below and in front of the hackle... ITwo thumbs up.

  4. Thank you fmartin, I appreciate your words.