söndag 1 november 2009

British flyfair Auction

Steve who is running the British flyfair has this year´s auction set up to benefit the Potteries flytyingclub. The members of this club are an important link in the chain of staff setting up the world´s greatest flytying show.
Last year going there I didn´t really know about this event, so couldn´t do more than donate a couple of flies, If I remember correctly it gave like 10£. As a pretty competitive guy I wasn´t that satisfied with that contribution.... Well to this year´s event I took out the big artillery. I sent out some E-Mails and together with some friend started up a world vide project, a display frame with flies from the book North country flies by T.E Pritt. Now with only a couple of days left before departure it was finally ready, sort off. One of the participants, Charlie Davidson had his flies missing in action with a little help from the postal office. This issue will be solved in Stoke. I really hope that our efforts will give this fantastic group off people in the Potteries flytying club some funds, maybe even enough to invite me as a guestspeaker :-)

You can see the participants names and flies chosen in the picture. I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone joining this our little project, myself is honoured by being a part of this bunch of "top notch" tyers.

Hope to see a lot of people laying bid´s on the frame..

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  1. Great prize Nik. Look forward to seening you in Stoke..

  2. Thanks Nik.. same to you, see you soon..

  3. Läckert!
    Hur gör du dina inramningar?