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The fly Irresistible was a frequently fly tied by Harry and Elsie Darbee. The fly is one of the Darbee´s deadly dozen. In the book Catskill Flytier you can read that the fly was originated by Joe Messinger. It got it´s name throug that Joe sent a fly to Ken Lockwod in the hospital, Ken,  an outdoor columnist, said, "I haven´t used this one, but it sure looks irresistible." So through that it got it´s name.
Tail: Dark deer hair from body of white-tail deer.
Body: Dark grey clipped deer body hair.
Wings: From body of white-tail deer same color as tail.
Hackle: Dark rusty dun cock hackles
Hook: Sizes 10 to 14.

I have now during a couple of days worked pretty hard with tying der hair bodied flies. While doing them the biggest issue was getting a decent wing. Tried to do the wing first than the body, nope, didn´t like that. My major problem was offcourse while working with the hairwings as the tend to "bulk" a little behind the wing messing up the body slightly. I learned that I could repair the mess I made by taking a few strands of deer hair on the damaged area and tie it in on that spot. The one on this picture is one of the repaired ones, above just behind the wing... just some reflections...

A funny thing about tying the batch of Irresistbles. I tied a batch yesterday  took pictures etc.. started to write on a forum about te fly and then it struck me.. after five flies that were supposed to be according to Darbee´s Catskill flytier.. I had mixed the recepies.. so I had tied it with wrong wingmaterial, I used calftail instead of dark deer hair. So now I have to throw the ones with the wrong wingmateral away :?  .. kidding offcourse they will be used on wednsday and hopefully they will show me the way to a decent trout.

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  1. I also find making the deerhair bodies difficult... maybe that's why I don't go do much largemouth/smallmouth fishing... mixing materials is something I will always try to do. It gives my fly a more personal touch. Hell... I made it right??? For this one I would probably use a Sz 16-18 with a finer calf body hair, red squirrel wing, and a white hackle. There's nothing wrong with mixing a recipe in my book.... the only judge is the trout

  2. Hi and thanks for the feedback.. I totally agree wit what you say but in this case I´m tying after the book and want the flies as close as I can get them. For fishing flies, yep the trout decides:-)