måndag 19 augusti 2013

Gone Fishing... soon

Evening my friends
On wednsday afternoon I will go up North to my Gimdalen and my belowed Idsjöströmmen. I will actually go with my some of my new workmates, the new Place I work at has a batch of nice fly fishermen. So I have been really busy with tying flies for august grayling fishing. The Riverkeeper and my friend Lars-Åke Olsson told me that we need flies with peacock herl. Not hard for me to find suitable patterns with that in mind. I started with a pattern  I never tried Before, the Bracken Clock, a really old North Country fly pattern.

Bracken Clock
Hook: Partridge Spider #16
Body: Peacock herl
Hackle: Feather from the neck of a male Partridge
Thread: Red 

Next pattern was Another pattern I never tied Before, i have seen it but never tied or fished with it. The Grayling Witch.

Grayling Witch
Hook: Partridge SLD #16
But: Red wool yarn
Body: Peacock herl
Rib: Flat silver tinsel
Hackle: Dun cock
So.. Tonight I went throug my reels, new leaders, cleaned the lines etc. Tomorow I will pack the rest of the stuff so I will be ready wednsday morning, cant wait to wet my new flies..

See ya..

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