söndag 29 september 2013


The best time together with the wise is sometimes when you are freestyling,or trying out thoughts developed in ones mind. Today I forced myself to sit down and do just that, have had some trouble to find the mojo for tying and thought that this could get me back, and yes it feels like it worked. A while ago I read an article about the Adams in "Fly and tie", an article written by my friend Ulf Börjesson. You could really smell how much he loves the fly Adams, as I also love the pattern, Reading the article got me thinking that maybe I would whip up some Freestyling Adams for my friend, just for fun offcourse.
My thoughts the last few Days was to make a different Adams, there are The Parachute Adams, Irresitible Adams etc.. hrm.. I have never seen a Quill Adams, well folks here it is..

I Think that it turned out pretty nice, in fact I think it´s awesome :-)

Hook:    #14 Partridge SLD
Thread:  Textreme 8/0 "Black"
Body:     Polish Quills "Natural" sealed with Deer Creek Diamond Fine Resin
Hackle:  Coachman Brown/Grizzly
Wings:   Hen cape tips

Over and out

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  1. Lovely freestyle tying. That will be copied , and in small sizes real Baetis like.