måndag 14 oktober 2013


Some time ago when I was messing with flies from Harry Darbees book Catskill Flytier I stumbled on a interesting pattern called Irresistible. Tied a couple but I didnt have the proper material for the tail and the wings, I hadto do it with deer hair which isnt any good for that, deer hair has too much air in its fibers so it just gets messy. The other day  Igot a piece of  White-Tail deer body sent to me from a over sea friend, Jack Fields from Central Pennsylvania (thanks Jack). And what a difference it made.

The hardest part of these flies is that you need to tie the body first and then the wing, it gets kind of crowded. On this fly the wing was mounted slightly to long toward the Eye of the hook, I will try to make one more proper later on.

Hook: Partridge SLD #14
Tail: White-Tail deer body
Body: Natural Deer
Wing: White-Tail deer body
Hackle: Dark Rusty Dun cock

In the book Catkill Flytier you can read "Originated by Joe Messinger. Joe sent his fly to Ken Lockwood in the hospital. Ken, an outdoor columnist, said, "I havn´t used this one, but it sure looks Irresitible" from there got its´name.

Time to hit the sack..

Over and out..

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