måndag 13 januari 2014


Well.. Not long til itś time to start packing for the best event of the year, British Fly Fair in Stoke England. I have been tying at this event several times before, it was actually my first tyersrow. This year I managed to get my fiance to come with me aswell, exciting to see if she appreciates the people and atmosphere as much as I do.

I have wanted to make some nice display frames to bring to events, to show a selection of Catskill flies in a nice way. When working with dry flies it isnt that easy though, there are not that many frames suitable to hold a dry fly. Atleast I have had problems getting frames with a decent look. So this year  I took the time to buy some frames that I liked, and then I rebuilt it to fit my fry flies. And I have spent a week or so to tie the flies on old size 12 Allcock handmade hooks, the real deal.

And I must say... I am quite satisfied with the result..

And a close up on the flies


 Dark Cahill
 Deer Hair Coffin Fly
 Delaware Adams
 Royal Coachman Fanwing
 Red Quill
 Quill Gordon
 Whirling Blue Dun
There is also a March Brown and a Ginger Quill that I forgot to take photos of, sorry :-).. I made three frames that I will bring to the BFFI, so if anyone is interested, just tell me...

Over and out

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  1. Enjoy the show Niklas; it truly is the premier event. I greatly regret that I am unable to make it this year.

    Good that you bring your significant other with you - she is sure to have a great time. I brought my wife over to the 2012 show and she enjoyed it a lot, especially the rowdy Dutch crowd and charming French flytiers.

  2. Lovely frame Niklas , it seems you found youre style with that kind of art work.

  3. Beautifully tied and presented. I was most interested in your Whirling Dun. I have tied and very successfully fished this fly here in Colorado. I was inspired by George LaBranch's claiming it was the one fly he would choose if he had to. Mine were tied using the recipe found in his book - they looked much like yours, only not as pretty! May I ask, how did you come by your interpretation for the fly? I did not tie my abdomen as thick as yours. I am, however, heading to the vise tomorrow to give your vision a go. Thanks much and cheers!

    1. Hi Jim, and thanks... I learned to know of the fly through a friend who is really inspired by La Branche and his thoughts concerning flyfishing. I used the recepie on page 215 in his book Dry fly on fast water. I made excactly 2 turns of goldtinsel, and only three whisks of ginger cock.. I made the fly to look kind of old style itś even tied on an old Allcock. Over and out.. Niklas