lördag 29 mars 2014


Last weekend  It was time for Swedens biggest fishingfair, the Sportfiskemässan at Kista, Stockholm. This fair is about fishing in common, but it has a reasonable amount of flyfishing. I have been there the latest 6 years as a tyer at the tyers row, well not hard to get a seat as I am the one organizing it :-). Anyway, this year  I decided that the crowd would get a chance to see someone else than my face at the row so Instead of tying at the row I helped my friends at Swedens greatest an most beautifull flyfishingmagazine, Flugfiske I Norden. And I must say as much as I missed my buddies at the row it was really cool to be tying alone at the magazine, i believe the crowd were calmer and not as stressed of neding to see all tyers at the same time, I had a busy and really enjoyable weekend, the saturday was maniac though 7200 people in one day. People really intested in this stuff should really learn to go on the friday or the sunday which always are more calm.

Here is how our wall looked, really nice with some really cool pictures taken by photografer Svanthe Harström.

We had a really great crew in the both, we were lead by the boss William Moberg Faulds aperson who puts loads of efforts in running the magazine, more than anyone can imagine. We had Mr and Mrs Gullstrand helping us out with selling subsciptions and other stuff. Lasse Hallberg our editor, wow he was one great salesman, calm and full of knowledge I was really impressed by him. Svanthe Harström a really funny guy, also a great salesman and ambassador of the magazine. Not to forget Joakim Blomkvist, Christer Holmberg who also did a great job during the whole weekend. We had some other guys aswell helping out parts of the weekend, Mikael Åkerlund for example. We got 50 new subscribers, and several of our subscribers who extended their subscription for another year.

Here is me caught in action by another photografer, Joakim Blomqvist.

I concentrated on tying Catskill style dry flies, here my Variant of the legendary Quill Gordon, I call it the Rough Gordon. I really love this one, appealing for the eye aswell as for the tyer.

Also whipped up a batch of Dark Cahills. I had one of my newly founded buddies Jan Johansson joining me during the whole process in detail of making one of these puppies, and boy itś cool to see that he in only a few days after that session has improved his Catskills loads. Offcourse he got the fly to bring home as a momory of our session. I really enjoy these moments when tying at fairs when you get to meet poeple with a genuin interest.

Also found some time to tie up some orders on my Steel Blue Quill. Itś great to after a while of tying 15 minutes flies just get crazy in making a batch of 3 minute flies :-)

Also made a batch of Gunnar Johnssons Kneckestorparen for my own fishing, I have never tried it but  I really like the idea of this fly.

A sad thin happened while we were buildning the tyers row, while my friends Anders Grünning and Markus Hoffman helped me out building the tyers row somebody breaked in to Anders car and stoled Markus bag containing a whole winters production of display flies and flies that he was supposed to be selling at events during 2014, I dont understand why there are people out there who has the need to do stuff like this, sorry for your lost my friend. If any one see a batch of really ice wooden boxes with flies for sale by suspicious people, dont hesitate to contact me. Another friend Eric Andersson lost his camera at the fair aswell...

Next year the fair will be held in Jönköping, south of Sweden. Weĺl see if I will be int the both of the magazine or at the tyers row. Havent decided yet..

Over and out

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  1. Sad to hear what happened to your friends. I have a brother that has worked at the police for about 40 years in Stockholm so I'm not surprised. Lovely flies you've tied! Currently I'm making flymphs and I found a piece of beaver skin that is just lovely. I'm using ash colored silk to spin the bodies for the flymph with the beaver hair and it looks just lovely. Haven't decided what will form the rest of the flymph yet.
    Best wishes,
    Mats Olsson, Gävle

    1. Hi Mats
      Good to hear from you again. Your flymph sounds intresting, I recetly finished reading Gunnar Johnssons "Flymfer", and started to te some flymphs using the techniques he used. Just loves his "Kneckestorparen". I think you should go with a multicoloured hackle:-) Over and out my friend...