söndag 19 februari 2012

Low activity

There havn´t been much activity on the blog during some time now, a long time. Well I have had som other priorities, lots of work and some projects at home. We have made some renovations on our house, at the moment we are working on getting a new kitchen. Hopefully all will be done within a month or so. I have done some article work together with my friend Leon Links, we had a great piece about the Quill Gordon published in a Swedish magazin "Flugfiske i Norden", I was really pleased with the article, Leon is a great mentor in making articles. We recently finished a second article about Red Quill & Hendrickson that also will be published in the same magazine. Also made an article on my own about the Stewart Black Spider that hopefully will be published later this year... So I havent been lazy..

I will soon start writing on the blog again..

Until then, here´s a picture taken by my good friend Bruce Corwin. The picture is of Mary Dette holding my fly that I made as a tribute to her.. Do I need to tell you that  I am prod of having my fly in her hand?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Nice Niklas! I haven't read your articles in FIN since I like FF & FT better. But please advice when your article on Stewart Black Spider will be published. I've tied the top three of his flies in different sizes and hope to be able to test them the coming season here in Sweden. I'm astonished that Ljusnan, that have been so damaged during the years, still hold beautiful brown trout and grayling right next to where I live in Bollnäs.

    Have fun the coming season,

  2. Hi Mr Jassid Man..
    The Stewart article will be in the next issue of Flugfiske i Norden.