lördag 25 februari 2012


Dear blogg readers..
Some of the best times as a flytier is those times when you sit and play with different materials. From time to time you find the most lovely cominations of colours and different materials. A while ago I found Pearsalls 6B which I have looked for a long time, actually I found it on woodenspools. Really nice and authentic, well anyway... And when I cleaned out my box of mixed feathers I found some really nice Golden Plover feathers. So I added those and the Pearsalls 6b and came out with this..
I really love tying this kind of flies, lokking forward to try them out this spring. With a sunny day like today the spring feels closer than for a long time. I really feel that the winter ought to be over now.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi eller hej Niklas!

    Really beautiful flies! I'm looking for the same thread, Pearsalls 6b, where did you find it! I have some spider patterns myself that I want to use that thread for. I would be very happy if you could tell me where to get it. I have tied quite some spiders for the spring too. And I really hope that it comes soon.

    Have fun tying great flies,
    Mats Olsson, Bollnäs (men snart Gävle från 1 maj).

  2. Hi Mats
    Thank´s, I bought the thread from www.flyhookfiller.se ..