lördag 26 maj 2012

Here we go again

Finally.. Last weekend was the start of small stream fishing 2012. We took a day off and decided to make it a longweekend in Dalarna, see my fiances folks and my fiance went to a Gardenfair. Well I nearly didnt manage to get out off the car before I got into my waders. I decided to see how my little favourite stream looked after the winter. I decided to take it a little easy just to get into the right moode. So I took a cup of tea and a nice Backwood Honey berry cigar, sat down  and just enjoyed the outdoors.

The stream was beautifull, not many bugs in the air because of the temperature but  I saw some rises. Got two smaller Grayling on a Streaking Quill, a quill bodied Muddlerpattern. Later I got two nicer Grayling on a old goodie, a wet Wickhams Fancy.

Now I feel the urge of fishing in every part of my body, I am amazed over the fact that I managed to survive the winter without fishing. As you all now time goes to fast when we are out fishing, I stayed out until the darkness came.

As I have a very understanding fiance I went fishing on the sunday aswell. I am a proud member of Lungsjöån Borrsjöån Flyfishing club, the club had an event on the sunday so I went there got 2 really nice trouts both showed me their best sides. We gathered for some bbq by the stream and had a really nice time. Offcourse I had the tying gear with me and showed the guys some of the patterns I use in this river, The Frey Fox Variant, a Quill Gordon and a little Spider.

We had a nice day but unfortunatly the day passed to quickly. Thanks Jonas..

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  1. Nice outing you had in Dalarna. I live in Gävle now and I haven't had the opportunity to wet some flies yet. Don't know the waters here so I guess I have to travel to some former home waters to fly fish. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. Have you tried Gysinge? Nice surroundings, lots of mosquitos though..

  3. You are living the right way my friend.

  4. Hey stranger - good to see you back. And dig the tea cup... Oh, and do you prepare your own stripped quills or buy in?
    Hope you and the family are well Nik.


    1. Thanks mates...

      Andy.. When i will tie you a Quill Gordon I will strip my own quill, when I tie one for fishing I use Polish Quill, you should chek them out for your wicked stuff, lots of colours and they are durable enough.

      Over and out