söndag 4 mars 2012

Steel Blue Quill

Evening...When I was away fishing last autumn in Idsjöströmmen I put together a spider pattern to match some thoughts gathered during my fishing. I have a favoutite autumn dry pattern for the graylings, "The Grayling Steel Blue" I came to the conclusion that I wanted a similar fly but a fly that was in the surface instead of on the surface. So I made a Spider and took the colours from The Grayling Steel Blue, the fly worked really well.

One of the backsides with tying quill flies is to obtain quills. Making your own can take some time, when youré tying fishingflies you dont want to mess with making your own quills. my friend Leon Links introduced me to Polish Quills, prestripped quills in different colours. The Quality and the colours are amazing, so from now on no more stripping quills, atleast for my fishingflies...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hi eller hej Niklas!

    Very nice fly! Some materials used I can recognize but what do you use for hackle? Can it be snipe perhaps? I really like to tie quill bodies and the new Partridge Classic Spider Hook looks just fine. I would love to get the list of materials used in this fly.

    Have fun fly tying and fishing for grayling,
    Mats Olsson

  2. Hi Mats
    I always seems to miss out the part that I reveal the patterns recepie :-)

    The tag is the thread (white dyed with a marker), body made of "Polish Quill" Natural & hackle from the back of a starling.
    PS.. Send me an e-mail (mulhonken@bredband.net)if you need some Polish Quills, I have a batch coming my way, several differnet colours.

    Best wishes

  3. Hi Niklas.
    Some really nice flies you tie, it is really something special about the old classic patterns. Great tips you had about the Polish Quills, sent an order for several different colors, got them in the mail today...look's great.