onsdag 20 juni 2012

Great Feathers

Great Feathers in this case is a company truly worth it´s name. I try not to mix up my writing too much with making advertisement for my suppliers etc.. but.. This time I really feel that I need to make an exception. I meet David one of the staff members in Somerset for the International tying symposium, Great Feathers had a both there just beside where  Iand the other Vikings were tying. We got in contact when I helped one of their customers to find som decent stuff for some serious Spider tying. Since then I have been in contact with David a couple of times. First time was when I needed a nice black hen cape, David sent me nice pictures and gave med lots of time over mail until I finaly decided. Next stop just the other day, I am in need of a Coachman Brown cape, I think David must have given me at least an hour of his precious time just to get me lie 15 pictures so I could make a decision. Wow, this is what I call a salesman, it wasnt excactly what I was looking for but I will order it anyway, I loved the colour, and as you other tyers know, we cant get enough of the gadgets...

Great Feathers sells loads of different feathers, they got Partridges and othe gamebird skins from Cookshill in Enland, capes from Bobs and Collins and loads of other stuff...

Check them out www.greatfeathers.com.. They have their own forum aswell, I think I will try that for a while, there are some serious tyers on that forum.


Ps.. nope I didnt´get paid for this!

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