söndag 11 oktober 2009

Getting ready...

Only a month left to this year top event, British Flyfair. This means busy times for us participating at flytyers row. Last year I just made some display flies, this year I have promised myself to make some stuff to create a nice atmosphere at my table..
First item, a Catskill collection in a handmade wooden box, box made by Lars Andersson a skilled Swedish craftsman.

The box has 18 Catskill flies in it. From left Royal Coachman Fanwing, March Brown, Quill Gordon, Red Quill, Conover and Ginger Variant. This box is offcourse when the "displayjob" is done possible to buy if anyone will be intrested.
The Royal Coachman Fanwing, one of my favourite flies to tie.

Second.. Some display flies.

Third out.. A Stewart "Three Killing spiders" frame. I have made four of them, will try to sell them to finance my trip.
Well these items and more will help me to make a nice little area for me and my visitors.