onsdag 28 september 2011

Catskill dry fly demo in Dalarna

Saturday 8/10 I will demonstrate some Catskill style dry flies at a fly only shop in Dalarna, Capricorn. This shop is one of the nicest and well stocked fishingshops I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Be sure to visit it when or if you pass Borlänge in Dalarna. Well anyway, I felt I wanted to play a little with the patterns I shall tie so this evening i started with one of my absolute favourite flies to tie and fish, as I said before "both equally important". The fly I´m talking about is Art Flick´s Grey Fox, tied with Ginger tail and body, the hackle is Cree, grizzly and ginger. Normally these are tied in bigger sizes, this one is tied on a Mustad 94840 size 14. I do favour smaller ones for my personal fishing though.