måndag 24 februari 2014

Out of my comfort zone

A good thing now and then is to work slightly out of your comfort zone, both in real life and when conducting your hobby.  I do have a love/hate thing with tying flies with slip wings. I kind of get them right sometimes, well that isnt good enough is it... So tonight I was on training camp.

The pattern I played with is a really old pattern, a Red Quill. Well yes the same name as Catskill style dry fly by Art Flick. The fly was first tied as a wet-fly in 1803 by an English tyer Thomas Rushworth. The fly is later mentioned as a dry-fly by no other than F.M Halford. Halford writes that "the fly is one of the sheet anchors for the dry-fly fisherman on a strange river". So, the pattern has some serious experience catching fish.

I managed myself to tie three of these, It took some time but it was worth it, I got pretty satisfied with all of them. I choose the fly because I promised to send my buddy Chris Sanford some "Halfordian" flies to be auctioned of at a charity event on the Test later this spring. Hopefully they will ride a riffle on the Test, maybe at a one of Halfords favourite spots.

Over and out