söndag 27 december 2009

In between...

Now between a Merry Christmas and the Happy New Year I finally found some spare time to try out some new stuff that I recently came over. Some "White Deer Hair" and some really "White Fur". The Deerhair comes from.. eh well  a Deer and the fur from my mother in law´s cat, a Ragdoll, really cool cat by the way.
I have been searching ffor White Deer Hair for some time as I wanted it for Elsie Darbee´s Coffin Fly, it is needed for the body. Spun Deerhair cut short, makes a really nice lifejacket for a Hook #12.

The really White Fur from the cat was needed for Reuben Cross´s Cross Special, I noticed it in Mike Vallas -Tying Catskill styl dry flies. There was something I just couldn´t resist in that really white body.

I hope you like it... As usually I did :-)