lördag 27 oktober 2012

The fall, another favourite..

So what does he now talk about, well as much as I love when the winter goes away and the spring comes with all it´s expectasions and possibilities, I also love the fact that it disapears and goes into a new shape, the fall. The fall to me is one of the most beautifull of seasons, with all its colours. Love how the season changes mother nature. Another thing is the possibility of sitting inside in the kitchen tying flies again, without the neighbours thinking that i´m crazy or not sitting inside.

This September I and a couple of friends went ti Idsjöströmmen for a nice fishing weekend, that´s another thing with the fall, the Grayling fishing. I usually take this trip to Idsöströmmen every fall, I love fishing for Grayling this period of the year, no mosquitos and a lot more time to relax and enjoy the companionship with your frinds. We didn´t have as good fishing this year as we usually do but we had a really nice time, loads of really top notch food, wine and all the stuff needed for a great time away.
Here is me catching a nice grayling in Idsjöströmmen, the photo is taken by my friend Ulf Hagström. We´ll se if there will be a fall trip to this place next year, unfortunatly it has become so very popular that it´s hard to make a reservation. Othervise we need to look for somthing else as cancelling the fallfishing isnt´an option.

The Grayling Steel Blue has been my number one fly this fall. I put it together last fall for the fishing in Idsjöströmmen and I have had some really nice fishing with it, both there and at other places. Fun to tie, nice to look at and it catches fish, what more can I ask for.

The fall has also given me som time to tie some other flies. A fly that I love to tie and fish is the Royal Coachman Fanwing, i havnt given it that much time this year so  I sat down and tied a batch, just for fun... and I loved it, so this winter I need to make a batch for next seasons box
It passes more and more time betwen me posting my thoughts on this blog. It´s alot of work keeping a blog running the way I want and there is not that many intrested, people are more intrested in facebook nowdays? Well we´ll se what happens I have startted to help out a Swedish flyfishing magazine, Flugfiske I Norden. I have actually had three published articles this year, a fact that I am very proud off. It might be so that I will put this blog into sleep and start blogging on the magazines homepage, in Swedish.