onsdag 1 september 2010

Catskill dry... almost

Felt like I wanted to try to make a nice dry fly with a classic Catskill look but made for a neater presentation, also wanted  a body that gave the apperance of a segmented body.

The wing is made of Hooded Manganser flank that I found at Joe and his Dette Trout flies, similar to Woodduck but darker. For the tail I choose Coq de leon barbs, great for tails long, stiff and nicelly multicoloured. The effect on the body was created by using two stripped hacklestems of different colour, one rhode island red and the other from a really dark rooster neck. After wounding these two stems I coated the body with superglue to get a nice shiny and durable body. Before tying in the hackle I tie in a Turkey biot, the hackle is Dun Whiting saddle.

After wounding the hackle I started on the getting the neater presentation on the fly. I start to force the hackle underneath of the fly to a V-shape, I do cut off some barbs sother won´t be to many barbs on the sides. When satisfied with the V-shape I fold the Turkey biot over to help the V-shape to stay in place. This will now make the fly to lie much neater on the watersurface. Well now it´s up to the trout or the Grayling to judge if it works or not...