lördag 16 april 2011


The other week I got the oppurtunity to do a "flyswap" with one of the great ones, Bob Mead. I have never before seen his stuff in flesh, but as many others I have admired his creations on the web. Bob is one of the pioneers in Realistic flytying, what a piece for my collection...

I´m offcourse really honoured to get this chance.

Bob Mead´s Lady bug
Today I made the flies that I shall send to Bob.. As the Hendrickson´s is starting to make it´s entrance at this time within the "Charmed circle of the Catskill´s", I choose to make Mr and Mrs of that mayfly.
Red Quill

Once again my flies will be travelling over the pond without me following :-) Well, I will be there in November, hopefully I will meet Bob and all other of my heroes and legends.