söndag 10 juli 2011

Back to the vise

After talking about getting back to the vise the other day I could no longer resist, the urge was to great. I´m having a small project inside my head and for that I need among other patterns a Variant. The Variant chosen for the job was Art Flicks "Dun Variant". This fly was one of the flies that got me going when I started tying flies. I found it in Lennart Bergqvist´s "Flugbindning på mitt sätt" ("Flytying, my way"), after finding this fly I tried tying in hacklestem´s as body on basicly all of my flies.
The Dun Variant

And as I might go for some fishing this coming weekend, I also tied some of my special Variants. This Variant is made with a mixed hackle of coachman brown and grizzly, the hacklestem from a ginger cock´s neck and the tail from coachman brown. I have been quite lucky with these in size 16 & 18.

Special Variant

See you soon....

lördag 9 juli 2011

Being Lazy

Have not being that active during some time now. Well life has more to offer than flyfishing and flytying, might be a good thing to consider sometimes. I have had some vacation and has spent 4 weeks with my family. We have finally visited Legoland in Denmark, a place we have talked about lots of times. We also stayed a week in Dalarna, Rättvik to be more precise, my fiance´s parents live there. Went on a smaller fishing trip to Idre with my father in law, nice but the fishing was rubbish.
In my earlier post about Lungsjöån I promised to post some more pictures, I didn´t have that many that were any good but this one kind of represents the day there quite good.
I got a piece published in Blood Knot magazine , a friend of mine Andy Baird asked me to contribute so I did, a small piece on the Royal Coachman fanwing. I am quite happy with it actually.

I will soon get back to the vise and get the blog going again, just need to finish some stuff on the house. Until then I hope you all have a great summer.